Throne of Eldraine: the wildered quest by

18 September 2019

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This book is set in the Magic: the gathering multiverse, a game/’verse I know nothing about apart from the fact that it is a card game of some description. So I didn’t read it because of that, I read it because of the author, but I think it is important to know that it is more of tie-in novel than solely from Elliott.

It felt a little flat to me, especially in comparison to the author’s other works, which are full of great characters and wonderful world-building. I still enjoyed it, the story is an epic fantasy quest where twins must go and find their missing father, who also happens to be the High King.

There is also a nice bit of background story relating to the twins parentage and the king and queen’s own history.

I enjoyed it, but it isn’t one of my favorite books by Elliot, and if you are interested in her as an author I’d try one that is more her own rather than this which ties in to a game and pre-established characters/plots.

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