Feb Mount TBR additions

  • Kerrigan, Jo – Old ways old secrets rec’d by @Justaddbooksread
  • Alexievich, Svetlana – The unwomanly face of war – saw it listed on a booksellers site and thought it looked interesting. I was right, it is fantastic – read 2018
  • Beard, Mary – Women & Power – another listed on a new releases list. read 2018
  • Roanhorse, Rebecca – Trail of lightning rec’d by Ana at Booksmugglers “Indigenous Mad Max: Fury Road”
  • Alexander, Caroline – The War That Killed Achilles rec’d by deanc on Metafilter during a discussion on good and evil in pop culture v folklore/myth & legend.
  • Beard, Mary – Confronting the classics – More Mary Beard added to #MountTBR “Confronting the Classics”. Currently reading.
  • Lee, Yoon Ha – Dragon Pearl Rec’d by @cursedbythegods – Foxes. Mythology. Yoon Ha Lee.
  • Brennan Sarah Rees Any title Rec’d by @renay as I keep meaning to read some Rees Brennan, I should be supporting my fellow Irishers, so this is me *officially* adding her to #MountTBR
  • Eames, Nicholas – Kings of the Wyld rec’d because of the terrible review left for it on amazon.

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