The Awakening by

10 May 2007

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Book #1 in The Vampire Diaries series
ISBN: 0061020001

September 4
Dear Diary,
Something awful is going to happen today
I don’t know why I wrote that. It’s crazy.

Image of Vampire Diaries #1According to the blurb on the back of this book, this should be a teen novel about a love triangle of unspeakable horror, as the vampire Stefan and his brother Damon both want Elena. Only there isn’t so much of the horror. And not so much of the love triangle either. I’m guessing that more of that arises in the follow on books.

This is fairly entertaining. Very easy to read, and short. Just what I was looking for after The Sunne In Splendour, but if I think it is a little too slight. Maybe if I could start straight in with the next book then I wouldn’t feel so meh about it, but I don’t have it, and amn’t sure if I’d be bothered to pick it up. That is a bit harsh, because this isn’t a bad book. Not by a long stretch. But I just didn’t think it was all that good either.

That is harsh though. Because as I said, it is easy to read and it pretty much does what it says on the tin. I think I just may not have been expecting such an abrupt ending.

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