Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation dir. by

2 August 2015

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Ethan Hunt and his team from MI4, apart from Paula Patton’s Jane character1 have been off hunting down the Syndicate, an evil anti-IMF so to speak. But the CIA don’t believe in the Syndicate and are busy trying to get the IMF2 disavowed and all usable assets transferred under their control. But Hunt has a hunch, or part of a plan, or something. He is going to track down the Syndicate and bring the bad-guy in, because if he doesn’t do it then no one will. And that’ll just result in the end of everything. Because, you see, all these accidents around the world over the past few years, well, they weren’t really accidents, the Syndicate have been disappearing planes and causing chemical explosions all to further their own aims and designs.

Did you get the impression from that quick recap that I wasn’t too enamoured with Rogue Nation, because I really wasn’t.

Maybe I’m just old and cranky and have seen too many of these sort of films, but really, another spy film where the only person who can save the day has to do so by going rogue and faces being hunted down by his own side too? And also, using real life tragedies to build some sort of an evil back story… is it just me or is that just plain crass and really insensitive.

The action is well done and well directed. The fight scenes are entertaining. There is even some humour that works. But I came out of this film feeling fairly similar to coming out of Ant-man, I’ve seen it all before and it lacked heart. I just can’t be entertained by shiny explosions and fast cars, not unless there is something to feel to go along with it. I think this is why I love the Fast and Furious series. Sure they are nonsensicle and utterly ridiculous, but they have some sort of a heart to them. This film though? meh.

  1. never mentioned. Don’t know where she is supposed to be 

  2. am I the only person who thinks International Monetary Fund when I hear IMF 

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