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29 May 2015

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When I went to see Age of Ulton1 in the IMAX there was a trailer for Mad Max : Fury Road on. And I knew right then and there that I would go see that film. But I also knew that it would *not* be an imax viewing, because seriously, that was sensory overload. All that action, all that noise. It was insanity.

I remember, in the way back when, watching the Mad Max trilogy, but I think that was on the telly, and let me remind you, television twenty-odd years ago was nothing like television today. Smaller screens. No surround sound. So I don’t remember those original Mad Maxen2 being just so awesome visually. I do remember Mel Gibson, back before we all knew how just-plain-wrong he is, and I do remember enjoying the films. And of course I remember Tine Turner. But specific details I could not give you.

Not that you need them to enjoy this film, just be prepared for insanity and whole heap of stuff going on. A whole heap of action, not a lot of plot.

And of course, the awesomeness that is Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) because she really is the driving force of the plot. Max (Tom Hardy) himself is important and great in his own way, but his character is one that reacts to events of the moment. He is trying to survive, Furiosa has a plan and wants to live, to do more than simply exist.

There’s been a lot of talk about the feminist slant of Fury Road and I know that to some people hearing that word will put them off. To you I say, don’t think like that. Feminism is just about treating people with the rights they deserve. It is something to welcome and embrace. It doesn’t mean all those negative things that the MRA morons seem to think it does. Of course saying that a film has any sort of a message can put some people off it. But once the message serves the film, the story, then there is no reason to think a message will negatively influence a film. Really, all films are political and contain a message, just usually it is the message that coincides with the dominant media culture at the moment so we tend not to notice it. This film is awesome because the message is an important one that we don’t see in many places and yet it is still an action film first and foremost.

I actually hate talking about a film being good despite it having a message, because once a story isn’t preachy then it’s all good. And messages are important.

And you can find numerous blog posts talking about the film, too many to link, so I’ll just recommend that if you want to read more about people’s responses to Mad Max : Fury Road you go visit this fanfare discussion.

  1. which I never reviewed, but really enjoyed, and didn’t get all the criticism of Black Widow’s story 

  2. plural of Mad Max I presume 

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