May Mount TBR update

25 May 2015

So, its more than midway through the month, time to update Mount TBR. From last month’s mountain I have removed I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It has art, and twins, and coming of age, and love and romance, and lgbtq characters, and it is just so readable. I also read The day we disappeared by Lucy Robinson, which was recommended by Curiosity killed the bookworm, another not my usual reads these days, although it did bring back memories of reading Jilly Cooper novels in school. Not that it is anything at all like her books, but they are mentioned in passing. It’s a great story about relationships gone bad and trying to find out who you really are, and staying sane when the world keeps trying to screw with you.

And in the last month I’ve added the following :

  • Lawrence, Mark – Any book recommend by Paula at work. And I’ve read one of his. Now I have to read more
  • Hawkins, Scot – The library at Mount Char, rec’d by SF Signal
  • Griffith Nicola – Hild, rec’d by Adventures of a Bookonaut although I’m sure I’ve heard about this before only can’t remember where. Sounds fascinating.
  • de Bodard, Aliette – House of Shattered Wings, rec’d by the author tweeting about the cover & it’s purtiness

All in all I’ve added 35 books to Mount TBR this year, but I have also read 5 of them, so that is only 31 left, one of those I’ve already preordered, and I’ve bought another 3, and at least 2 others on the list aren’t out yet. I’m not doing too bad, am I?

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2 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    Depends how you look at it, I suppose. Heh. I was all ready to read a bunch of Things From The Shelf when what do you suppose? Yes, the library belched forth several titles, including STATION ELEVEN, HERE THERE BE DRAGONS, and THE FEVER. Now the plan is to get back to…oops, here’s the UPS guy with a box for me. **ding!**, an email from the library…

    Yep, you’re doing good.

    • Fence says:

      I’ve heard nothing but good things about Station Eleven, it really should be on Mount TBR itself :)