Black Sheep dir. by

14 October 2007

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This is the story of Henry Oldfield, son of a prominent sheep farmer in New Zealand, who, following a tragic incident in his childhood, suffers from a fear of sheep. He returns to the farm to sell his share of the family property to his older brother Angus. But while there is discovers the terrible secret… Angus has been experimenting in order to create a new breed of sheep, The Oldfield, but things go a little wrong and before you know it the mutant killer sheep are terrorising the land.

As you may have guessed this isn’t the most serious of horror films, it is more gore, in many ways it has a similar feel to Shaun of the Dead, complete with people being ripped into shreds and eaten. The main difference here is that it is sheep doing the eating rather than zombies. It isn’t as good either, but it is still fun and entertaining.

There isn’t a lot more to be said about it, the acting isn’t great, but I’m not sure it is supposed to be, if you know what I mean. If you are looking for something mindless and entertaining to watch, and aren’t bothered by guts and people-eating sheep then this might be just what you are looking for.

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