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6 October 2014

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On the day of her fifth wedding anniversary Amy Dunne disappears. Her husband Nick gets home, a neighbour has spotted their cat wandering outside, to find the door open, the coffee table smashed, and no sign of his wife. We already know that their marriage is not a good one, he has been moaning to his sister at the bar they own about Amy. Nick’s sister, Margo, is not a fan of Amy. And Nick doesn’t seem to be either. But does that mean he murdered her?

The more the police investigate the more likely that seems. Nick doesn’t know who Amy’s friends were. He doesn’t know what she did all day. And her best friend certainly isn’t a fan of Nick’s.

And as the media campaign to “find Amy” builds momentum it seems as though Nick is making all the wrong moves.

Gone Girl dir. David Fincher

Gone Girl dir. David Fincher

This is a film that I am so conflicted over. At times while watching it I was so angry at it. But then I enjoyed parts of it. I can admire the way it was made and the performances were excellent. The whole tone of the film is great. But I still don’t know how I feel about it as a film.

First of all, neither Nick nor Amy are nice people. This is not a spoiler, but the rest of this review might have some so I’ll hide it, just to be safe.

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But can I judge the film on that? I don’t know. It certainly had an impact on my viewing of it.

But there is also an argument to be made for the reverse, that Gone Girl by portraying Nick in such a negative manner is in fact a feminist film. Nick, after all, is an utter dick, who, through his actions, has proven to be utterly untrustworthy. Part of the viewer probably thinks that yeah, Amy should be out of that marriage, and Nick deserves to suffer. Although probably not to the extent that Amy thinks.

Leaving aside that part of my conflicted viewing the question is, did I like the film? Well, I’d certainly have no objection to watching it again, and it certainly held my attention throughout. So yes, I guess I did.

  1. hopefully not too many though 

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