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Gone Girl [based on the book] by dir. by

On the day of her fifth wedding anniversary Amy Dunne disappears. Her husband Nick gets home, a neighbour has spotted…

The borrower by

The Borrower

I’ll admit I picked this book up because I liked the tagline, She borrowed a child. He stole her. Lucy Hull who is a children’s librarian runs away with Ian Drake when she finds him hiding out in the library one morning. She’s always enjoyed him when he visited the library, even if she did worry over his mother and the insistance that Ian only be allowed borrow books with the “breath of God” in them. And definitely not those ones with magic and satanism in them!

And then Lucy finds a note making her believe that Ian is being sent to anti-gay classes. She isn’t really kidnapping him, she is rescuing him.

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter – part 2 by

Part I here; You might as well read it first I know, I know, I said in my first review…

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter by

Although the title of this review page refers to the entire series I haven’t actually read them all, I have,…

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