The apostle dir. by

14 October 2018

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Cast: , , , ,
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Where to start with this film…

Well, I guess with where it starts, with a man. Brooding, unhappy. With a past. And a missing sister he must rescue.

As for where it goes from there? Well, there’s a cult and religion and a goddess and rules and regulation but a “free” society. Traitors turned heroes, or maybe turned torturers? and mystery and danger lurking all around.

Oh, and you know, here’s a vessel for you to pour your blood into as part of your nightly bed-time routine.


Also violence. Serious let’s let the camera linger over that horror shall we sort of violence. Unnecessary in places in my opinion.

And it is quite long.

But all that being said there were aspects I liked. Loved the setting and the isolation of the island. I enjoyed not knowing what was going on. But it all just didn’t work as a whole for me in the end, and I wanted more of the blood goddesses, because if she was capable of bringing fertility and life to the island, then surely her wrath could have been awesome to behold.

So, yes for something atmospheric and brooding and doing things a little different. But no for its reliance on a little too many cliches and not going batshit insane enough.

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