Pegasus and the new Olympians by

20 February 2014

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I am miles and miles and miles away from being obsessive and compulsive, yet I do have a completion-ist streak in me. That is the only excuse I offer for continuing to read this series of books. It isn’t that they are bad, or horrible. There is nothing Meyer-Twilight-horrific enough to keep me reading because I just can’t look away from the wrongness of it all. But at the same time, this is not a good book.

Action and adventure and flying horses. That’s why I read the first one. Why I read the second… well, it could have improved. It didn’t really, but it was more of the same. Enough to let me know that while this series of books was perfectly adequate for certain tastes, it wasn’t for mine. I like character. Well drawn characters. This does not have that.

It has a very simplistic plot and very simplistic characters. I don’t write that to knock the book. That is what it is aiming to be, I think and hope :) and there is nothing wrong with children’s books being just that. Of course the very best of children’s books have layers and complexity. This doesn’t.

It is a simple story, and it is told in an entertaining fashion. With battles and action galore. It has people standing up for what they believe in, occasionally they may not do the “correct” thing, but they try to do the right thing. So it’ll pass an afternoon, and I think that if I was a child this would be a book that I would love.

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