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23 January 2014

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Ross O’Carroll-Kelly started life in The Sunday Times and currently stars in The Irish Times, he is a fictional wealthy southside Dubliner. It is a satire of a certain aspect of the Celtic Tiger population. Those who speak in “Dortspeak”.

But I’m guessing that means very little to any non-Irish blog readers, so I’ll keep this review short. I’ve only ever read the odd column starring Ross so when my book club picked this one to read I was a bit worried that a whole novel worth of Ross and his cronies would be too much.

Downturn Abbet by Paul Howard

Downturn Abbet by Paul Howard

But to be fair to Howard, he plays it just right. Ross is an asshole and a total and utter wanker. But that fact is so obvious that you can’t really feel sorry for anyone he screws over. They really should’ve seen it coming. Plus, it is a comedy satire book so there are no real characters to feel for. If you know what I mean.

And it is funny. I couldn’t help the odd snort of laughter on occasion. Howard really does get some scenes perfect. But it if you turn your brain on then it is a little depressing. The fact there are people out there like Ross, Sorcha and his horrid daughter, whose horrid-ness has been totally created by her parents.

And I’ve heard that there are some people who think Ross O’Carroll-Kelly is some kind of role model! That’s just beyond belief.

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