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2 July 2012

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one of the stories in Cracklescape

One evening when all the other children have gone home for their dinners Elric sees something. Someones. He calls them pharaohs, for lack of a better word, and because they are tall and thin. And come from sun-beams. All at once he knows what they do, they soothe your hurts and ease your pain. And they offer to take Elric with them, Elric and all the other children who want to come to the Isles of the Sun. Where they too can help others and do good. And fly.

Elric is enchanted with the idea. So he spreads the word.

Okay, if anyone has read this short story I would love to hear your ideas on it, because I’m a bit stumped. I enjoyed it. Thought it was beautifully written, but have no idea what it means. And it certainly seems to mean something. It seemed so ominous and yet light hearted at the same time.

Is it about children growing up and flying the nest? Or is that the obvious thing to think?

Whatever it is about I liked it. In fact, I think I may go reread it before I move on to the next story in a few days time.

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  1. 8 July 2012

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