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30 August 2005

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More about HauntedISBN: 1841493414
Eva Levine is a half-demon half-witch who also happens to be dead. She’s not in heaven, not in hell, just in the afterlife. Or at least the one that supernatural beings go to after they die. She is also a little preoccupied with keeping an eye on her daughter, Savannah, although being dead she has no way at all of protecting her, talking to her, or ever getting in contact.

And now she has to repay a favour to The Fates by tracking down an escapee known as The Nix.

This is a very enjoyable read, full of humour it is a quick, light read. It is almost a standalone, and could be read without any knowledge of the previous books in the series. Although events in the other books are refered to, so having read them will help your understanding.

Personally I still prefer the two Elena-centred books, but this is every bit as good as the Paige ones and well worth a read.

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