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13 August 2019

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Grey Lands #2

After reading The call I was happy with how the story ended. I’ll admit, I thought that certain things had come to an end, but in The Invasion we find out that although Nessa and Anto saved the day, there are more days to some and all of those also need saving.

So back this book goes to an Ireland that has been isolated from the rest of the world. Back we go to find Nessa and Anto dealing with the aftermath of that infamous encounter with the Sídhe. But we also get to see more of Ireland, and to discover that corruption and tyranny have been growing for a quite a while now. The Nation must survive has been the rallying call, but if the Nation is corrupt is it worth saving at all? Nessa is about to find out that the Nation doesn’t believe her, and in fact thinks she is a traitor. And for criminals there is only one punishment, being sent, permanently, to the Grey Land.

Anto meanwhile has been learning to live with his “twist” and has been recruited, forcibly, into the army, or what passes for the army.

As with the first book this is very action driven, it is fast paced, and full of death and darkness. Certainly not the book to read it you need some cheering up. And it does have a few plot-holes and unresolved story lines, but overall I think I enjoyed it more than the first book.

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