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25 January 2010

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More about Super-HumanVol 1:Super-human & Vol 2:Homeland security ; The Ultimates #1-13
ISBN:0785109609 & 978078511781
Illus: Bryan Hitch
Part of the Graphic Novels Challenge

You know I still can’t believe the Germans would do something as evil as shoot down a plane filled with Camel cigarettes.

I was a little disappointed in these graphic novels. Mainly because they often seemed to look for the cheap laugh while at the same time trying to be all gritty at the same time. You can usually go for one or the other, but both at the same time usually doesn’t work.

The story is about the coming together of the world’s super-heroes under the command of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Nick Fury. And the first volume is very much a introduce the characters. And if you are familiar with them from other books here is your chance to see how Millar has portrayed them. My super-hero knowledge is pretty much all from the films, so this was helpful, however it then seemed a bit WTF! when the big bads of vol. 2 were introduced. Plus I never really likes any of the characters, too quippy or just plain insane. Well, Thor was pretty cool, but in a “we never find out anything about him” sort of way.

It is pretty much all action and one-liners. And the art is good. Plenty to keep the eye entertained. So if you like that sort of thing you’ll enjoy this for sure.

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