Captain America : Hail Hydra by

30 August 2014

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Opening in 1944 this graphic novel spans decades as it shows how Captain America has battled with Hydra for as long as he has been alive. But in the history of Hydra that isn’t very long. They have been around since before the pyramids, and they are patient and will to out-wait their enemies to achieve their aims.

During World War II they used the Nazis to further their scientific endeavours, but they were never really Nazis themselves. It was just a handy tool to hide behind, not that they didn’t agree with getting rid of undesirables and building a race of supermen. They just had different aims.

I was never a huge Captain America fan, I didn’t know enough about him, he always seemed sorta boring and the whole idea of Captain America just felt meh to me. But I love the character in the recent films. He is so much more than just punching Hitler, so I thought I’d give a recent comic a try.

And unfortunately this left me a bit meh. It hopped all over the shop, with various settings and characters helping Cap out. And I’m just not familiar enough with the comic Marvel’verse to know instantly who was who and what was going on. Also, when you through everyone from Spider-man to Wolverine to Falcon in there it all seems a bit too much. Sure it is nice to see familiar faces show up, and I like the interaction with Cap and Falcon, but there wasn’t enough of the supporting characters. They seemed shoe-horned in.

I’ve taken a quick glance at other reviews and it seems as though I am not alone in not loving this one, so perhaps I picked the wrong Captain America comic to try. Anyone got any suggestions?

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