Well hello peoples, remember me?

It has been a little while since I last stopped to blog, but honestly I have a reason. I’ve left the big schmoke of Dublin behind and now reside in Mullingar. Working in a public library. And it took me almost this long to get online again. The rest of the time I was catching up on my RSS subs. But I’m down to less than 1000 now so I feel I’ve earned the right to blog :)

Not that I’ve been up to much. Moving takes effort, and money. but I finally, FINALLY, have sheets and duvets on all three beds! This is indeed an achievement, just don’t ask about pillows cause I need to get some more of them.

I did manage to get my camera & phone nicked. And was then promised they’d been located and I’d be getting them back, only to later hear that that might not actually be happening. Bloody thieving thieves!

But in much more exciting news I’ve been thinking about a holiday this year. Its been yonks and yonks since I’ve had a proper one, that one to Italy doesn’t count cause it was just for a few days, and Himself[1] suggested New York. At first I thought “New York!!?!! that’ll be waaaay too expensive!” And yes, it’ll cost a shitload of dosh, but at the same time, who cares. Won’t be for ages yet though, Sept. most likely. So, if there are any New Yorkians out there, where *must* I go?

Sin é for now, I’m off to my bed. Night all.


  1. do i need a new pseudonym for him?

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