Lose weight and die!

5 May 2004

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Okay, overly alarmist heading, but I gotta grab attentions somehow right?
Anyways found this v interesting article in the Guardian, via Jeremy Ribbinks’ blog, all about how the whole BMI may not be all its cracked up to be.

“In almost all large-scale epidemiological studies, little or no correlation between weight and health can be found for a large majority of the population – and indeed what correlation does exist suggests that it is more dangerous to be just a few pounds “underweight” than dozens of pounds “overweight”. So, let us look at the most cited studies for the proposition that “overweight” is a deadly epidemic in America today. Anyone who bothers to examine the evidence in the case against fat with a critical eye will be struck by the radical disconnect between the data in these studies and the conclusions their authors reach.”

“Tens of millions of Americans are trying – more or less constantly – to lose 20 or 30lb (25lb tends to be the average figure cited in surveys of dieters). If you ask them why, most will tell you that they are doing so for the sake of their health, often on the advice of their doctors. Yet Gaesser notes that more than two dozen studies have found that weight loss of this magnitude (and indeed of even as little as 10lb) leads to an increased risk of premature death, sometimes by an order of several hundred percent. “

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