Sat. rugby matches

28 February 2005

Well that Scotland vs Italy match was pretty bad wasn’t it? Neither seemed to know what they wanted to do, far too scrappy and far too many mistakes made by both teams. Maybe if Italy had taken those few chances at the start it would have made a difference, but once the ball was moved to the backs everything just fell apart.

Still, gave me a chance to hear Flower of Scotland. I do like that anthem :) The final score was 18-10 to Scotland

France certainly got off to a bright start though didn’t they?

What a contrast between the two matches on Sat. Maybe it was because the first match was so bad, but the second match was just great. The first half flew by, with some wonderful moves by the French.

I wasn’t sure who to support. Part of me really wanted Wales to win, they’ve had some poor seasons lately and have been doing so well this year. But another part of me wanted France to win. We still have to play both, but if Wales are still winning I think they might be more dangerous to us. Obviously France, when playing that breath-taking style, are not easy to play, but for some reason I’m more apprehensive about us vs Wales.

After all that start to the second half was pretty fantastic. Two tries in five minutes. Impressive or what?

“Well if you did your penance watching Scotland and Italy, you’ve got your reward now”
-George Hamilton

france lose to wales

And that second half shows that I am right to worry; Wales were fantastic. Two great tries, and some great defending. They never stopped, and in the end were well deserved winners.

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