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  1. I kind of like it. It is different but I like the look. I'm glad you're thinking of participating in the challenge. You are right, there is certainly plenty of time to get involved with it not ending until June 21st.

  2. I have a few books in mind for it Carl, Graham Joyce's The Tooth Fairy, one by Holly Black, another by Margo Lanagan… so many to chose from.

    Back with less than a bang red :)

    I was in Rome the weekend before last. It was so nice and warm, even if it did manage to rain on me. Nothing compared to over here though. April showers *100

  3. not to grumble, but i prefered the other one…

    i felt, i can't really say why, that i reflected your personality better. it was open. it felt open. and it was light.

    i'm not saying you can't be serious, but your posts are often very light and airy. and witty.

    and it looked fresh, and your posts are like that too.

    this layout is very textured and studious and … serious and all. i'd imagine one to write something deep or well-crafted or serious on this…

    but yeah, its mostly the feeling of lightness and openness and airyness that i felt complimented your blogging, whereas as this feels slightly cramped and heavy.

    it won't stop me from coming over! and who knows – i may love it before long!!! :D

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