stones sink lower than the clouds sending ripples through the air


  1. You've inspired me. Next rain storm, barring lightning, I'm going out there to dance around like a wild thing.

    I really need a good book. I just finished The Haunting by Shirley Jackson, and it was just okay, though it's regarded as a classic. I might try Charming Billy by Alice McDermott next. I don't know. Yawn.

  2. Anne, anything that makes you smile has to be good. Once you don't develop The Consuption and die, like in all those films :lol:

    Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel is really good Kelly. If you are looking for a suggestion.
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  3. Well if it was a large book, or I really hated it while reading I would toss it. But this was a shortish book, and the story line was vaguely entertaining.

    I finished it last night, the last third was quite good. Not sure if it made up for the rest of not though.
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