the trouble with you is you’re always making mud out of clear water


  1. I don't love him in The Goonies James, but yeah, that's Josh Brolin (James Brolin's son).

    JP Your comment made me think "good old days link", and then I realised that that was the inserted by amazon link :) But it is quite funny.

    Well he did once get arrested for hitting his wife. But then she dropped the charges and they are still together, so who knows what he is like in real life.
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  2. I've never even HEARD of Young Riders, unless I have and just don't remember, which is highly likely. In fact, it's probable. In fact, I was probably just watching it last night. And Fency, I like when you ramble. Ramble on, fellow Fanta.

  3. I'm just in awe of the post title! That's me in a nutshell… ;) As far as going back to the good old days, it's still up for debate. Other than the time you lived it, I think most things are overrated. That being said, I'm always convinced something else is always better than here. Go figure.

  4. Kells I like rambley me too :)

    Livewire, that is actually a line from the Young Riders, Jimmy says it to Cody at some stage.

    And yeah, the good old days usually weren't so good. Just old and misremembered
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