the trouble with you is you’re always making mud out of clear water

I’ve been going through my old posts, adding tags[1] and I’ve noticed that I’m a lot less rambly than I used to be. Most of my posts now have a reason. Some even make half sense. I’m not quite sure when this began, but really, it must be stopped. The whole situation is abominable and must be stopped.

Which of course, leads to question, can I go back to those “good old days”?

And the answer: well, I just don’t know, we’ll have to wait find out.

In other news, I’ve started watching The Young Riders on Channel Six. Awww. nostalgia how are you.

I used to watch this many many many years ago when it was on RTE. It is crap. But still. And look, dvd release!!

Six are up to episode 7 but I’ve only watched 2 and a half. And I loves it. Mainly for Josh Brolin. Cause I loves him[2] Plus cowboys are cool. Nuff said


  1. dont ask
  2. in this role

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