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14 October 2007

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThis film I really, really enjoyed, but the problem is that if I say too much about it I might ruin it for you. So, in brief, Costner plays earl Brooks, a ceramic maker. A big name in the business community. But Mr. Brooks has another side to him; he likes to kill. He believes himself addicted to murder, and every now and then he falls off the wagon and his alter-ego, Marshall, gets what he wants, a murder. But on his most recent outing he makes a bad mistake and gets photographed at the scene. He know has to deal with the photographer as well as his own family issues.

As I’ve already said I really enjoyed this film. Maybe because I had no idea what to expect from it. I had seen trailers but they had made it look like a more conventional thriller. This film was totally different from what those trailers were. I suppose in a way it is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde story, although in this case Jekyll and Hyde aren’t opposing facets of the same person, but instead they are buddies who share a laugh as well as an enjoyment of the kill.

And Costner is great here. The perfect family man and yet he has such menace when needed. His daughter too is wonderfully cast. Panabaker manages to come across as innocent and dark all at the same time. I wasn’t as impressed with the Demi Moore aspect of the plot though. Parts of it I got, but others I thought were just thrown in there for the sake of having something else to see.

Overall this is a very clever film. And a satisfying one, I loved the ending, although obviously I’m not going to spoil it on anyone.

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  1. Harlequin says:

    As you know :-) I loved it too. But yeah, the Demi Moore stuff seemed tacked on and pointless. She should either have been more developed as a character or in the film less. Maybe the fact that she was played by someone well-known made it seem like she was more important than she was meant to be? Or maybe the fact that cops are usually the focus of a serial-killer movie and in this one they weren't. Anyway, it was great and I had no idea where they were going with it which made a change from the predictable stuff you often get with killer movies.