Daywatch [based on the book] by dir. by

10 October 2007

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aka Dnevnoy dozor sequel to Nightwatch
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This film starts off pretty much exactly where Nightwatch finished up, there is a quick voice over recap and then we are into the action, with Anton having just lost his son to the Dark Others, Zavulon in particular. Svetlana is now in training with Anton; he spends much of his time hiding how he feels about her while she tries to show him how she feels. Of course dating the trainee is a big no-no according to Geser, especially one that will probably be such a Great Light Other.

I’m not really sure what to think about this film. I really enjoyed the first film, although possibly because of its look and feel rather than its plot or characters, but I found this a little slow to get going. Maybe that is because they were building the story, I’m not sure, but I just wasn’t as interested as I might otherwise have been. However once it got going I really enjoyed the film. Although not the crazy wan sitting near by who was way too enthusiastic in her laughing at scenes that didn’t seem all that funny to me. Maybe I missed something in the translation.

And was it just me or were the subtitles for the most part boringly normal? Sure they had a few different colours and what not, but not as adventurous as the first film.

I guess the main problem with this film is the plot. It seemed to be all over the place. Still, enjoyable and it has likeable characters, even the baddies. If you enjoyed the first one you might as well go see this one too, and then wait for the third in the series to come out.

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3 Responses

  1. weenie says:

    Sorry this is not related to your post but I spotted this and thought of you (ok, so I don't know many Irish people!):

  2. Carl V. says:

    I have no idea why, but the font on your site, at least on my work computer, is waaaaay messed up. I can barely make out what you wrote. I did, however, make out enough to know that eventhough it isn't the best movie, I am still jealous that you've seen this and I still haven't! ;)

  3. Fence says:

    Thanks for the link Weenie, I've tried to sign up with the English version, but their site wouldn't work for me so maybe I'll try this instead.

    That is odd Carl, is this a new development? Maybe someone changed the default font on the work pc? Because I haven't changed it here.