Hellboy [based on comics] by dir. by

10 September 2004

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Before I had heard about this film I had never heard of the comics, never really heard of the character of Hellboy at all, so I wasn’t “mad fer it.” But, after hearing a few positive reviews I decided I’d have to check it out at some stage. Then the trailers put me off, did anyone else get them in blocks of three? And I know that most everyone has praised del Toro’s Blade II, personally I preferred the first. Ah well, the film was on at the right time so I popped along.

And I’m glad I did.
This was a really good film, enjoyable, entertaining and, for a super-hero flick remarkably believable :). Hellboy himself looks great, and more importantly is perfectly played by Perlman. His cynical, weary attitude doesn’t pay well in the trailers, but in the film itself it is perfect. As his sulky teenager behaviour.

The plot itself is pretty run-of-the-mill; bad guys want to destroy the world, the twist being that a creature from hell will save the world.
Have to say the one major bit that played a bit false for me was the relationship between Myers and Sherman. There wasn’t even a hint of chemistry, then again, maybe that is how it was intended.

Also, it was very predictable. You were never really that worried about what was going to happen. Most stuff was fairly well signposted, thereby reducing some of the impact. Then again, I think the film was more about the character of Hellboy than the super-hero action of the big red monkey.

Better than the trailers had me believe. I really really enjoyed it. Plus it looked fantastic. Design & cgi etc were brilliant.

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