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  1. Harlequin


    Good recap babe. One of my LOL moments with Antony was him insisting he wouldn't rise from the bed until he'd screwed someone and since Atia wasn't having any of it, she provided the slave for him. Heh. Filthy beggar that he is. :-D Don't like Antony's hair as much this season – it used to be a bit longer?

    Thought it was sweet when Chicken pulled Eirene up on the horse behind him – I really thought he'd feck off and leave her there! Don't think she's up to something – think she always loved him in a way, from the first moment they saw each other, and it looked like she'd forgiven him last season. But we shall see.

    The whole bloodbath thing was brilliant too – just Lamb and Chicken, post-slaughter, panting and covered in blood. Niiiiice.

  2. That was a great Anthony moment.

    I thought Pullo was going to leave her behind too, and then he didn't. Awwww.

    The bloodbath was strangely Serenity/River-esque in its reveal I thought.
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  3. Harlequin

    Ooh, it was, yes! I thought it was a bit familiar-looking but I thought perhaps it was based on a painting or something. But no. Serenity! :-) More in your mind than mine since you were lucky enough to see it last Saturday while I was deprived of the pleasure because of my stupid brain and its swelled-up blood vessels.

    I thought Pullo would leave her behind either to protect her or because he totally forgot but it was great how they both leaped up, ran for the horse and got the luggage and away they went. They moved in sync, without discussing it. Probably because Eirene was a slave and was used to anticipating what was needed before being asked but it was a great moment anyway.

    That particular episode was chockablock with that signature ROME thing of not showing the battle or the speech but showing the aftermath and the reactions instead. Which not only saves money but can be very effective as well!

    I'm currently watching The Mayor of Caaaaaasterrrrrrbridge (gotta get the aaarrrr accent in there) part two and Atia has turned up, laid eyes on Scottish-accented James Puresex and both of them were suddenly, despite their Victorian corsets and cravats, suffused with lust for each other. Don't know if they'll actually get horizontal (since I never finished the book) but I reckon they're the rebirth of Atia and Antony so they're fated to get very jiggy wit it.

    Interestingly, Atia's other suitor in Mayor is Ciarán Hinds, and old one-shoulder Cato is in it too. :-)

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