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29 April 2007

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You know the old story; Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Something gets in the way of true love, but they over come it to live happily ever after? Well, I suppose this fills all those clichés only as well as the teen angst we get zombies and gore. Nathan is good friends with Jessica but he wishes that they could be more then friends. He doesn’t ask her out because he is worried that she’ll say no and then their friendship will get all weird. His friends Henry and Diggs persuade him to act. If by persuade you mean they send a text from Nathan’s mobile and arrange a meeting with Jessica. But Jessica’s father tells her she isn’t allowed to leave the house, so poor Nathan is left waiting. Eventually he leaves, just in time to see Jessica, who had escaped her father’s watchful eye, in the local “stud’s” car. So obviously he thinks the worst and heads home to drown his sorrow in whiskey. And ends up dead.

His mother however has different ideas. Earlier she stumbled upon a hidden crypt in the local church and a book of resurrection. So like any good Mammy she brings her son back from the dead. Only there is a slight problem. His sudden hunger for human flesh.

There is nothing all that bad about this film, but there isn’t much that is great either. The zombie storyline takes too long to get started, although when it does there is plenty of gore and blood flying about to help pass the time. It also isn’t specifically an Irish film, in fact it is quite Americanised, although who knows, maybe secondary school students do all drive to school now. It is a fun no-brain way to pass the time. Nothing more, or less.

Actually the most note-worthy thing about this film is the fact that it was temporarily banned here in Ireland. Bloody censorship is just crap, especially considering that this is now rated 15. Oh, and that the snake in it is called Buffy. And he[1] gets his own picture in the end credits.

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