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  1. I really wanted to go see that movie, but two things made me change my mind: first, it's gotten slightly too controversial for my taste, and second, apparently these abs have all gone now. And I can't bear the thought that I would lust after something that already doesn't exist anymore.
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  2. Glad you liked it, Fence. The narration didn't really click with me at first but, like you mentioned, I loved it by the end and thought the device worked very well.

    I wouldn't let the controversy sway you, Anne, if it is the political controversy you are hearing about. Anyone who thinks this is in any way a political statement vs. what it is, a movie based on a comic based on Frank Miller's LIFELONG obsession with this particular battle in history, is an idiot. Plain and simple. I'd like to line these morons up with Rosie O'Donnell and ship them off to an island somewhere so they can all be vociferous and stupid together.

  3. Ignore the controversy. Think of it as nothing but an action flick and then go watch. As for the bodies that are no longer, well that isn't strictly true, because they'll exist for all eternity in the world of film Anne.

    However, I've obviously been watching far too much rugby, because there was one point when in one of the many battles when I felt that a good cry of "heeeeaaaaaave" was needed ;)

    Carl I'm of the firm belief that what a film means is more down to what the viewer brings with them rather than what the film-maker intends. That is why it is so fascinating to see all the different interpretations of 300. But at the same time I'd agree that this is nothing more than a film based on a comic based on a historical battle with extra stuff thrown in.

    Although isn't Miller known for his almost fascist tendencies?
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  4. Watched it last night and enjoyed it in a pure fantasy sort of way. As a history lesson, it was probably rubbish but then, I hadn't gone to the cinema to watch a documentary. Yeah, there was one part which reminded me of a big rugby style scrum-cum-rolling-maul! And I read somewhere that some of those abs were cgi-ed as the actors couldn't get proper six-packs through training!

  5. Harlequin

    Just saw it and loved it. Don't know that I'd be watching it arís agus arís but still, great stuff! Didja spot yer man from the Guinness 'Sorry' ad? I would love to see an outtake of him killing the hell out of a load of the Persian lads and then turning to Xerxes and saying 'sorry.' Heh.

    I remarked to the Beloved as we left the kino "the characters might not have been well-developed, but the muscles sure were." Boom boom! Don't care if they were real or just well-lit – even the guys without a six-pack were pretty goddamn great to look at. I always think six-packs look a little weird and fake and Peter Andre-ish anyway. A flat toned stomach is fine for me! Aw yeah! They probably painted them on, like Keira Knightley's impressive fake boobs in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    And controversy-shmontroversy. It's a war movie – they always come with extra helpings of political stuff. Doesn't bother me.

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