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14 February 2007

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBasically, if you didn’t like Shaun of the Dead you probably won’t like this film. Okay, so there are no zombies here, but the style of humour remains the same. Personally I loved it.

Pegg plays the role of Nicholas Angel, a tough city cop transferred to the countryside because his fellow police officers (never policemen, that’d be sexist), not to mention his superiors, think that his excellent work is damaging morale and statistics. In comparison to him everyone else looks crap. Moving to the country is not exactly ideal for Angel, and village life doesn’t really seem to suit him. On his first night there he ends up arresting half the village, mainly for under-age drinking, he also locks up fellow police officer, and future partner Danny. Because this is a cop buddy movie, and we all know that they have to start with conflict between our two heroes.

I thought the film opened a little on the slow side, not dull or anything, but smiles rather than laughs. However once it got started it made for great viewing. And the editing was fantastic. It is a parody of a cop/buddy movie, so expect plenty of references to action films, Point Break and Bad Boys 2 especially. If you haven’t watched at least a few of these films you’ll be missing out.

Nick Frost was really great in his role, I’ll admit that I saw him as “just the sidekick” type in Shaun of the Dead, and although he plays the same sort of role, supporting Pegg, he does a great job. You’ll also want to watch out for a host of comedians and actors that show up.

A great night’s entertainment.

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9 Responses

  1. I've just seen this and I thought it was absolutely amazing; the best British film since Lock, Stock. Every single scene worked, and contributed to the whole ingeniously. I think Pegg and Wright are like the Tommy Cooper of British films; the same way Tommy Cooper messed about and took the mickey out of magic, and then performed great magic tricks, they parody genres and then do them better than most serious attempts. It was also making a serious point about the clinging onto notions of idyllic rural life (much as I found that hard to stomach). And, most importantly, it had a heart. I'll go again within the week, and I hope these boys keep knocking them out. Maybe it's a new series of British comedy films in the making…on the surface, might seem very different from the Carry On, but they have the basic similarity of taking the same actors and putting them in parodies of different genres.

  2. Fence says:

    Mal, this is getting weird, we've now agreed on two whole films ;)

    Although I don't think it is anything like the Carry On films. Mainly cause I don't find the Carry On films even the slightest bit amusing or entertaining.

  3. You're just one of those people who doesn't find anything funny in plays on the word "bottom", aren't you?

  4. Carl V. says:

    Shaun of the Dead is the very next thing I have coming from Netflix. Looking forward to seeing it, especially after loving Black Books.

  5. Fence says:

    Not really Mal, not those swap wang for wand in the Harry Potter books. Plain silly if you ask me.

    Shaun is the very best rom/zom/com out there Carl, hope you enjoy.

  6. Harlequin says:

    Finally managed to see it and LOVED it. Came out with a big smile on my face. I've loved Pegg since catching bits of Spaced donkeys years ago on Network 2 and thought SotD was magnificent. Also loved the whole 'spot the actor' thing – did you see Cato? I had a hard time recognising him without his one shoulder toga! :-) And Bill Bailey playing the twin policemen – the straight-haired one reading Iain Banks and the curly-haired one reading Iain M. Banks. Classic. And yer wan from the great Peep Show and her double-entendres – the best was the visual one of her at the fete chatting up two lads while a pig is spit-roasted in front of her. Euw!!! And pretty Carry On as well – gasp! Mal has a point!!

    Happy with the rugby result then?

  7. Blarneyman says:

    Thanks for linking to me!

  8. Fence says:

    I didn't spot Cato no. Did you spot the academy award winning actress?

    Loved Bailey's cops, they were great.

    No problem Blarneyman.

  9. Harlequin says:

    You mean Cate Blanchett?

    Cato was the cop who did the "translating" for the oul fella who was cutting down other people's hedges.