The Phantom of the Opera dir. by

22 December 2004

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Cast: , ,
Rated :

I had expected to enjoy this. But no, it was over long, over crap, and just plain boring.

There isn’t really a lot more to say, but I suppose you bothered to click on a link to take you here so I’d better type something for you to read.

There are two main flaws with this film.
First off it should have chopped some songs out. Seems as thought there was no editing at all, and everything is faithful to the stage show. (Maybe fans of that will enjoy this)
Second of all, the characters. Christine has none. She does nothing but react, and not even a lot of that.

So, all in all, give it a miss. It does pick up the pace a little towards the end, but by that stage no one really cares. Thank god for popcorn to keep you entertained is all I can say.

Total and utter BLEUCH!

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