How do you loot a shoe shop though?

4 October 2006

If you could see me now you’d see a furrowed little brow[1] as I try to figure out people. I mean, they are just generally weird aren’t they?

Yesterday Eircom cut off a whole heap of Smart customers. See eircom rent out their lines to Smart[2] only Smart haven’t paid their bill. I don’t know the exact figures, but I think it is a fair few million that they owe. And eircom did what any normal business would do. They stopped providing the service that wasn’t being paid for.

Only instead of blaming Smart, people seem to be blaming Eircom. Is this just excellent spin by Smart? Or can someone explain why Eircom should continue to subsidise a rival company by allowing its customers to continue to use a service that hasn’t been paid for?

In other news, I’ve gone ahead and changed the software behind Cunning Quotes so it should be fairly straight forward for anyone and everyone to register and submit their own favourites. If you spot any problems let me know.

And yes, I’m aware that there are a few quotes missing. I have backed up the database so everything should be recoverable, eventually. Well, every thing bar the most recent quote submitted[3]


  1. not really, I prefer a dead-pan expression, but you can’t see me so I can say anything I want
  2. these are both telecoms companies
  3. – sorry Anne

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2 Responses

  1. Dankoozy says:

    Yay! I'm glad to see the death of those telemarketing fools. And probably their tacky looking phone boxes too.

  2. Daniel says:

    I tried to leave a comment, got a load of errors