Happy Holidays

29 December 2014

or Merry Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa/random winter day

Whatever it is you are having yourself. I’m celebrating Christmas, as culturally catholic agnostic there really isn’t another name to give it. Went home to Sligo, saw the family except the ones in Australia & Canada. Brought the two dogs with me and they got to meet the brother’s dog. All went well, no fights, although my two were a bit confused that he didn’t seem to know how to wrestle properly. And just as he was learning it was time to separate :)

I hope you all got to do whatever it is you were hoping to do over the Christmas, unless of course that was murdering peoples.

This year, for the first time I got a real Christmas tree1 an 8 footer! It was the smallest one left in the shop, or at least so I was told. Once it fitted in the car I didn’t really mind, and it did. We had to chop a bit off the the top to fit the star on, but it looked2 great. I think that maybe a new set of lights will be called for next year. It currently has three sets on it, but the full three are certainly not working.

Among my presents this year I got a pebble watch!

That’s a smartwatch, if you were wondering :) and it is one of those useless gadgets I love messing about. So if anyone ahs one and has apps to recommend, let me know. I also got the QI board game, and we played with it on Christmas day, I won the first game, and would have won another if it wasn’t for the judicious3 use of a chance card by one of the brothers.

All in all, a really nice, low-key, Christmas. How was yours?

Image Source : OpenClipArt.org

  1. at the family home we always had a real one, but since moving out I’ve always just used an artificial one 

  2. and looks, it’ll be up for a few more days anyway 

  3. or just plain mean 

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