Red Sky at night, good day tomorrow

14 August 2006


So y’all know that there was this European athletics competition on over the past few days right? And that we actually had medal hopes on this occasion. Normally if Sonia aint there then we don’t pay much attention. Our two big hopes were Derval O’Rourke, who nabbed silver in the hurdles, and Alistair Cragg, the SA-born long distance runner who represents Ireland. He was in with a great chance in the men’s 5,000 race. But there was talk before hand of an achilles “niggle”

And then during the race, as he made his move, he started to limp. Very obviously, because I wasn’t really paying attention[1] and I spotted it.

But did Mr. Hamilton, RTE’s most favoured commentator? Well he didn’t mention it. And when, a short time later Cragg moved off the track and eventually had to be stretchered away George went into an overdrive of surprised horror. Words such as totally unexpected burst forth from his mouth.


So please RTE, make sure your commentators watch the sport they are supposed to be talking about.


  1. if I’m honest the only reason it was on was cause I was waiting for the showjumping to return

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2 Responses

  1. weenie says:

    Yeah, I caught some of the athletics. As with other sports on tv, I often turn the sound down/off so I don't have to hear the inane drivel from commentators.

  2. Fence says:

    They are all dreadful aren't they? But normally I can ignore them, it is just that it was so obvious what was happening, and Hamilton didn't spot it. And we're paying him* to watch sport on our behalf.

    * though I'm actually one of the few in favour of the TV licence s I shouldn't moan.