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13 June 2006

Rugby Rugby report on how a match in Russia was mistaken for a mass brawl, leading to arrests of the players:

The police broke up proceedings and detained some 100 people before determining that they were engaged in a bizarre sport instead of brawling

Story via SportsFilter.

And the other big sporting news[1] is Roy Keane. He is retiring from football, and in some of the papers this has been heralded as a shock announcement. Are they insane? Hasn’t he been saying for ages that he might retire? We all know he has been plagued by injury, and that he is a perfectionist. How was anyone surprised by this announcement?

In case you are bored by the sports talk today you can just look at these little snow leopard cubs

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They were born recently in Dublin Zoo, bringing the number of snow leopard births in Europe to a grand total of 10. Ten births in 300 zoos, and one of the three cubs born in Dublin died, leaving the two in the above pic. Story in The Irish Times, sub’s req’d


  1. if we ignore the World Cup

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15 Responses

  1. Mal says:

    Reminds me of the joke about a guy who was involved in a fight that broke out into a hockey match.

  2. Mal says:

    An ice hockey match, come to think of it. I think I prefer my first version but it doesn't make as much sense.

  3. anne says:

    We are so not ignoring the World Cup, today of all days…

  4. Fence says:

    One of the commenters over on Sportsfilter changed your joke to "I was at a hockey match when rugby broke out" Mal.

    Anne, what possible interest could I have in today's matches, lets see, who is playing; Brazil, Croatia,Sth Korea, Togo and Switzerland…

    Don't worry, I'll be cheering on France. And Brazil. And Togo.

  5. Mal says:

    If England beat Germany in the final they can have t-shirts that say, "Two World Wars and Two World Cups".

  6. anne says:

    Good girl.

  7. Fence says:

    But they won't Mal. Sven will fuck-up and stick one of the extra goalies in instead of a striker and England will lose.

    Glad you approve Anne, aren't you worry I may jinx them? Although so far most of the teams I've supported have won.

  8. Mal says:

    Please god Brazil don't win. Or should I say Nike?

    Well, I think Pelé is a gentleman (yes, I know he's not playing), but the Brazilians are a bit too flash for my liking.

    If the English don't win I hope the Germans do. I like their accents.

  9. anne says:

    Yeah, good work on Togo there. Let's hope that was the only one you'll jinx today (although you may have a go at Brazil).

  10. Fence says:

    But that is what is great about the Brazilians, that they are so flash. Come on, everyone supports Brazil, just a little. They can play such great football.
    Although very little of that was on show yesterday.

    Anne, I am very disappointed in your French team. Please let them know next time you meet them :)
    And I almost did jinx Brazil, but what the hell, we'll blame it on their opening game-not wanting to show off mentality, right?

  11. anne says:

    Oh believe me, I'll relay that sentiment first chance I get.

  12. Fence says:

    I take it you were as impressed as me with their performance then, as in, not!

  13. anne says:

    As in, not, yeah. Hmpf even.

  14. weenie says:

    Can't see England winning it but they really have to beat Sweden next Tuesday or I'd never live it down.

  15. Fence says:

    Well I'm hoping for a good performance from T&T today (I'm overly hopeful, I know) but after that I'll probly be supporting England. Unless they play France, Brazil, Australia, or Italy. Or the Czech Republic.