She thinks I’m the renaissance. I had to go along with all this reclusive genius crap. She going to be very upset when she finds out I’m just a reclusive wanker.


  1. No, not yet Anne, but if the temperature goes above 88 degrees who knows what'll happen :)

    Bernard is a genius, kyknoord, just not sure if a drinking genius is any use.

    Carl both are great fun. And not too arc-y so it doesn't really matter is you miss an episode.
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  2. We once had a rabid squirrel in our yard. It was covered in tumors. I about threw up. Good afternoon, Fency! I'm so glad I STILL have you thinking about Bernard; however, remember, he's MINE. (hi nines.)

  3. Thank you Kelly for that wonderful image :) We don't have rabies in Ireland, so I guess my description of my mental processes wasn't quite correct.
    Twitter: ecnef

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