Temple Bar here I come

12 July 2005

Was over at Human Under Construction and I noticed a link to this story. It appears that walking on cobblestones is good for you.

The path to better health and lower blood pressure may be paved with cobblestones. When people over 60 walked on smooth, rounded cobblestones for just a half-hour a day over four months, they significantly lowered their blood pressure and improved their balance, a study showed

Course I’m not over 60, and although I do walk on cobblestones every work day, usualy it is just for one minute while I cross onto the footpath. I’ll have to walk up and down a couple of times from now on. And the cars travel so slowly down that road I don’t really have to bother about getting in their way do I? The bikes may be more dangerous however.

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2 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    You should get a job at Aberdeen Uni Library, the whole campus high street is paved with cobblestones. Walking on them is so much more pleasant than using the bus.

  2. NineMoons says:

    But walking on cobblestones is feckin dangerous in high heels. That's why I was addicted to runners my whole four years in Trinity. But is is only the roundy cobblestones that are good for you or is it the flat ones as well?
    There was a bit in the Crow Road where Ash told Prentice that driving over cobblestones could enliven a boring car journey. But only if you're a girlie…