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6 July 2005

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ISBN: 1401204953
I heard about this comic over at The Woolamaloo Gazette, and when I took a look on the forbiddenplanet site it was quite cheap around nine euro I think, so I impulse purchased.

The plot is sort of Homeward Bound meets violence, death and the army. Three animals have been modified, equipped with armour, guns and taught how to speak, and are employed by the USAF as assassins. But the time has come for them to be decommissioned.

The rest of the book is their attempt to escape, and in the words of 1 we3 home now.

Sounds a bit Disney-esque, and it could easily have been quite “ah, purty animals go home.” But it isn’t. The animals don’t really say all that much. How much conversation can you expect from a dog, a cat and rabbit? So a lot of the book lets the artwork do the story-telling. And very effectively, imo.

I mentioned in my review of The Astonishing X-Men that I’m not a huge comic book/graphic novel reader, but that’ll change if I find more like this.

This is a very sad, moving book, and almost every other review I’ve read of it mentions how affecting it is. So I won’;t say “enjoy”, but I do think it is worth picking up.

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