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The cat who walked a thousand miles

Read it online at Tor At a time now past, a cat was born. A long time ago in Japan, when cats were new there, an earthquake shook Small Cat& [...]

The trumpet of the swan

Author: E. B. White ; Ills. Edward Frascino Sam Beaver is eleven years old when out exploring a Canadian swamp he comes across a bird's n [...]

The underneath

Author: Kathi Apelt This is the story of an abandoned cat, an old hound dog who becomes her friend and her kittens, and the family they bec [...]


ISBN: 1401204953 I heard about this comic over at The Woolamaloo Gazette, and when I took a look on the forbiddenplanet site it was quite ch [...]

Duncton Wood

ISBN: 0099443007 Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a book about moles, because it a great story of love, hate, violence, forgi [...]
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