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The Fox and the child

There isn’t really all that much plot to this film. A ten year old girl on her way to school one morning encounters a wild fox. She ha [...]

“To Dublin’s war horse, Vonolel!” « Come here to me!

“To Dublin’s war horse, Vonolel!” « Come here to me!. And the previous post about Vonolel is here. There are men both good and wise W [...]

Zoo City

Read for the Not just for Stormtroopers sci-fi challenge & for Carl’s Science Fiction Experience. Zinzi December finds lost thing [...]

Inside of a dog

What Dogs See, Smell, and Know Lik [...]

The emotional lives of animals

By Marc Bekoff Many animals display their feelings openly, publicly, for anyone to see. [...]

A lion called Christian

In 2008 the following youtube clip became one of those "internet phenomenons". If you haven't seen it click play now.


A primate’s memoir

I first came across a mention of Robert M. Saplosky on

A good dog

We've been on a bit of an "animal-human relationship" kick at work lately. I chose this one at random one afternoon. It is the second book t [...]

2010 #7

This is such a typical pose for that beast. Always demanding and thinking only of himself. (Although we usually refer to him as her, in orde [...]
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