Home last weekend

12 July 2005

I mentioned on Friday that I was heading home, and have a few pics from the camera phone while I was there so figured I may as well post them. A lot were taken at the strandhill gymkhana by the sister. Watch out for the giant owls, unfortunately I didn’t take any of the tiny horses though.

Sligo This is from the train window, it may not actually be Sligo, but it was taken after Boyle and before Ballymote. As you may be able to tell from the clouds the weather on Friday was okay, but a bit on the cloudy side. Luckily enough Sat. was quite good. So we headed to the Strandhill gymkhana (reg req’d, try Bug Me Not).

While the gymkhana does have show-jumping, it also has pony competitions (right) and giant owls (below), as well as craft stuff, dog shows, and lots of other stuff.

giant owl again

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6 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    How big are the giant owls? They look, well gigantic, really.

  2. NineMoons says:

    You need a perspective thing in shot. Standing next to a child for example. Although, given the human-munching eagle you saw last year, maybe you shouldn't put the children near them.

  3. Fence says:

    Anne they are gigantic. Not quite as big as the eagles in LOTR :) but about as big as the eagle's here. they don't have any photos of the owls they brought to the gymkhana.

    NM, I'll tell the sister next time to stick a five cent coin next to the bird okay :)

  4. The sister? Does she know you refer to her as an object in the third person?

    I am in solid agreement about taking giant owls and leaving tiny horses for the second wave of shots by the brother.

    All of this brought to you by Insomnia.

  5. Fence says:

    The sister doesn't care. She is only 8, or maybe 9. I can't remember. And as for the shots be the brother, well I have to use a numbering system for them. There are five of them wandering around you see.

  6. NineMoons says:

    I use The Sister and The Brother too. I blame Myles na gCopaleen.
    "And here's a good wan. The brother met an oul fella below in Wiekla town and yer man said straight out of that there was no Saint Patrick and that the whole yarn was invented be Strongbow or somebody. The brothe asked him, if that was true, how come thre was no snakes in Ireland? Know what th'oul fella done? Laughed in the the brother's face. Me dear man, says he when I was a young man settin out to make me fortune, I first emiograted to Australia. There was work to be had there but it was too hard and the grub was something fierce. With the result was I continued me travels to New Zealand. Ever heard tell of New Zealand? Right. I'll tell ya wan thing about New Zealand. There isn't a single snake in the whole place.

    IGN: Is that a fact? Don't tell me there was a third St. Patrick that went out there? In a currach?"