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1 April 2005

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#1 in the Otherworld series
Reread 1st April 2005: Grabbed it and Stolen from the shelves when I was home. Basically it is the story of the world’s only female werewolf. Sounds crap I know, but it is a fun read. And has good characters, the most important thing in my reading.
This is the first book in a series that now has 4 novels, with a fifth and sixth in the pipeline. Not all deal with the same characters but they are all set in the same ‘verse. I’m partial to the werewolf two, but the others are still entertaining.

For those interested Armstrong also has a website where she posts short stories every month, and has a couple of novellas in the archives. Kelley Armstong .com

You know I was a bit doubtful when I first saw this book, after all the first line of the blurb says “Elena Michaels is your regular twenty-first century girl: self-assured, smart and fighting fit. She also just happens to be the only female werewolf in the world…”
Hmmm, I thought to myself, I’ll leave it

But then someone recommended it in Fantasy Favourites and I found it for only €2. Well I figured it couldn’t hurt.

And I really enjoyed it. In a way it is a cross between good chick-lit and fantasy. It has humour and werewolves, but it also has believeable characters and emotions. I won’t go all out and say it is the best book ever written, it isn’t. But it is well worth a look at.

As the blurb states the book is about Elena Michaels. And in Armstong’s mythology she is the only female werewolf for two main reasons. First off, most werewolves seem to be hereditary ones, and it is passed along the male line only. Therefore no females werewolves are born. And as for bitten; well as Elena puts it, when a werewolf bites you, normally it’s trying to kill you. Plus all the other werewolves seem to regard women as good for only one thing: sex.

But ten years before the book starts she was turned, even became part of the Pack. Now she is trying to make a lfe for herself away from werewolves. A normal life, among humans. Bet you can guess that things don’t go to plan.

Armstrong does a good job of revealing the backstory without forcing it, and neither does she provide too much information. Enough for you to understand why her characters react in certain ways, but not enough to explain everything about them, which, imo, is a good thing. After all who wants to know everything about someone?

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