A Darker Shade of Magic

Shades of Magic : Book 1 Group read with Fantasy Favourites. Kell is one of the last Antari, a rare magician who can travel between parallel worlds: hopping from Grey London — dirty, boring, lacking magic, and ruled by mad King George — to Red London — where life and magic are revered, and the […]



It is 2039 and Georgia & Shaun Mason are up and coming bloggers. Solid betas they are on the look out for the story that will enable them to break away and start their own site, their own identity. And they are about to get their big break, because presidential hopeful Senator Ryman is about to start campaigning for the Republican nomination. And the Masons are going to be part of his media circus.

Oh, and did I mention the zombies?

The Lies of Locke Lamora

Author: Scott Lynch
ISBN: 9780575079755
Book 1 of The Gentleman Bastards Sequence
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At the height of the long wet summer of the Seventy-Seventh Year of Sendovani, the Thiefmaker of Camorr paid a sudden and unannounced visit to the Eyeless Priest at the Temple of Perelandro, desperately hoping to sell him the Lamora boy.

Locke Lamora doesn’t meet the usual standards of fantasy hero. He is slightly built, doesn’t have much skill with a sword, and then of course there is the fact that he is a thief and a conman. A conman even to the other thieves of Camorr. To them he is a small time gang leader, competent but insignificant. And if they were to learn that he was the real person behind the legendary Thorn of Camorr he’d be in quiet a bit of strife. He, and the other Gentleman Bastards spend their lives hiding who they really are, and the fortune they have amassed through their cons. But trouble is heading their way. Capa Barsavi, leader of the thieves of Camorr, is facing an outside threat. A figure known only as the Grey King is killing off various gang leaders. And pretty soon Locke finds himself trapped in the middle of the conflict.

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Poison Study

Locked in darkness that surrounded me like a coffin, I had nothing to distract me from my memories. Vivid recollections waited to ambush me whenever my mind wandered.

The monarchy of Ixia has recently been overthrown by Commander Ambrose and is now ruled by the Code of Behaviour. Punishments are absolute; there is no leeway or excuse that will save you if you break the rules, whether you simply didn’t wear the correct uniform or killed someone. So Yelena expects nothing but a hanging after she killed the son of a high ranking General. But she is offered a slight chance when she is given the choice of either accepting her hanging or becoming the food-taster for the Commander. She accepts the position, and so is poisoned to ensure her loyalty, she’ll need access to the antidote that only Valek, the Commander’s second-in-command can provide.

Tamir Triad

The Bone Doll’s Twin The Hidden Warrior The Oracle’s Queen Read with FantasyFavorites and FFSeries See also: Lynn Flewelling’s LJ ; What we read ; Voracious Reader As always the problem with reviewing a series of books is that you might give away plot points by accident, so I’m not really going to mention the […]

Goblin Quest

ISBN: 0756404002
Group read with FantasyFavorites
Book 1 in the Jig series.
See also: Jim C Hines’ Sff site ; Backcountry Musings ; Barbarienne’s Den

Jig hated muck duty.
He didn’t mind the actual work. He liked the metallic smell of the distillation room, where week-old blood and toadstool residue dried in their trays.

Image of Goblin QuestJig is a goblin; a smaller than average, weaker than average goblin. This means he gets picked on a lot. He gets a bit of a raw deal most of the time. But that is the norm for most goblins, their fate is to live underground in their tunnels, fodder for any adventurous type that might come looking for treasure, or maybe to die at the hands of the neighbouring hobgoblins. An early death is a fairly usual end; the best to be hoped for is a quick one.

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The Black Jewels Trilogy

I am Tersa the Weaver, Tersa the Liar, Tersa the Fool.
When the Blood-Jeweled Lords and Ldies hold a banquet, I’m the entertainment that comes after the musicians have played and the lithesome girls and boys have danced and the Lords have drunk too much wine and demand to have their fortunes told.

I’m very much in two minds about this trilogy. One the one hand I read it all in the space of two days, and it is quite long at over 1200 pages. But on the other hand it read like fanfiction to me. And not very good fanfiction. Come to think about it, that may be the reason I read it so fast. The more I read, the more I saw Jaenelle as a Mary-Sue device and less as an actual character.

The Golem’s Eye

ISBN: 0552550272 #2 in The Bartimaeus Trilogy Group Read: FFseries Although in the previous book Nathaniel said, almost promised, he wouldn’t summon Bartimaeus again, events force his hand. He needs a servant demon that he can trust trust. Well, for a certain value of trust, given the relationship between magicians and their slaves. The resistance […]

The Amulet of Samarkand

ISBN: 0552550299 #1 in The Bartimaeus Trilogy Group read: FantasyFavorites & FFseries See also: LibraryThing ; Official Site The temperature of the room dropped fast. Ice formed on the curtains and crusted thickly around the lights in the ceiling. In an alternate modern day London a young boy, Nathaniel is busy summoning what he would […]

A Song for Arbonne

ISBN: 0586216774 Reread with FantasyFavorites On a morning in the springtime of the year, when the snows of the mountains were melting and the rivers swift in their running, Aelis de Miravel watched her husband ride out at dawn to hunt in the forest west of their castle, and shortly after that she took horse […]