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30 March 2005

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Over the Easter I wasn’t online, but I was still reading. And two books that Ninemoons gave me were Sylvester and These Old Shades.
Both written by Gorgette Heyer and are historical novels. I’ve also stuck em under the chick lit tag because I cant see many fellas enjoying them. A few maybe, but they are very much in the same category as Austin (although funnier).

I’d have to say I prefered Sylvester, although the main male character was ery similar to Mr. Darcy, but the overall book wasn’t so it isn’t even near a rip-off.
These Old Shades could very easily have been a cliche ridden book, but Heyer’s writting makes it very very readable. Justin, the Duke of Avon, is a with wonderful wit and sarcasm, and Heyer does the wise thing by not actualy detailing all of his previous adventures that have earned him the nickname Santanas (the devil) so that although we know he is a rake and a rogue we, as readers, are never alienated by him.

Both books are great reads, and I’ll have to get some more of them off Ninemoons, and you may as well read her review of These Old Shades.

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