Monthly Archives: April 2005


Sondogs is the tale of seven days in the life of Conor, he has come home to see his father while getting a visa for his return to the states [...]

The Great Nation: France from Louis XV to Napoleon

ISBN: 0140130934 I’m not quite sure why I picked this one up, I’ve never had all that great an interest in French history, not a [...]

Downfall [Der Untergang]

Opening with a group of young women being escorted by armed soldiers to meet Hitler, Downfall is not your average World War II film. Yes, it [...]

The Masked Ball and other stories

Trans: A.Craig Bell ISBN: 075091467X Sticking with the French theme I picked up The Masked Ball and other stories by Alexandre Dumas when I [...]


#1 in the Otherworld series Reread 1st April 2005: Grabbed it and Stolen from the shelves when I was home. Basically it is the story of the [...]
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