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26 April 2005

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Sondogs is the tale of seven days in the life of Conor, he has come home to see his father while getting a visa for his return to the states. He has been away for years searching for his mother, but never finding her, his father has grown old back in Ireland.

There isn’t any real story as such running through this book, rather it is memories that Conor has. Memories of growing up, of his mother and father, but he also tells us their memories. How his father became interested in photography. How he travelled to Spain, then on to Mexico where he met Conor’s mother.

It is well-written, but perhaps needs a second reading to really get it, and I don’t really want to reread it. The language used is wonderful, at times almost stream-of-consciousness, but overall the lack of any real tension meant I wasn’t all that bothered by the book.

Still, the loss that Conor feels at the way his mother just abandoned him is very real. As is the sense that he both loves, and despairs of his old man.

– Coyotes, the songdogs of the title

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