Weekend’s main match: Ireland V England

28 February 2005

While the match itself may have been more similar to Sat.’s Scotland/Italy match than the free-flowing France/Wales match, it was still full of tension and drama.

Obviously I am not impartial, wanting Ireland to win, and because of that vested interest I may have found the match more enthralling than others.

It was not the prettiest of rugby matches, but O’Driscoll’s try was a wonderful move. Even better than that however, was Denis Hickie’s two tackles. He hit one English player, stopping him crossing the line, straight away got to his feet and put in another try-stopping tackle. Fabtastic, from an Irish pov.

Obviously then there was the issue of the English non-try, and whether or not the ref was correct. Well maybe he should’ve sent it up to the video ref, but then again, maybe he spotted something the camera’s didn’t. If I were English I think I would be upset, but then again there was an issue over the first try and whether O’Gara was held in the tackle for longer than he should have been, and so leaving a gap that the English made the most of.

I also felt that the English were infringing a lot in the Irish line-out, tackling jumpers while they were still in the air. None of the commentators mentioned it though, so maybe its just me.

All in all, a great, entertaining, tension filled match. And more importantly, a win for Ireland. Now we gotta up our game for France and then Wales.


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