The Devil Wears Prada [based on book] by dir. by

10 October 2006

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I’d heard some fairly decent things about this film, and the trailer made it seem like good fun, but all in all I wasn’t impressed. Very average is perhaps the best description. Predictable and with a lot less snark than I would have wished for.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe main character, Andy Sachs, has such a predictable arc that it really isn’t an arc at all. And all the trailers pointing to Meryl Streep’s character as some huge bitch? Well she wouldn’t have been nice to work for, I’ll give you that, and I wouldn’t have stayed in the position, but nevertheless she wasn’t even half as evil as she could have been. I did like her use of the name Emily as a term for her assistant, introducing Andy as her “new Emily” but apart from that I really don’t see what all the raving was about.

Speaking of Emily though, I did enjoy Emily Blunt’s character, the original Emily. Although, now that I think about it, maybe she was never called Emily until she came to work at Runway magazine. But somehow I doubt that.

I’ve said all this but haven’t, as yet, mentioned a plot, so I suppose I had better address that. Okay, Andy wants to be a journalist. A proper investigative Lois Lane, but she can’t get a job, so as a last ditch effort she takes a on a PA job at a fashion magazine, because after this she’ll be able to land any role. But her naïve ways get her into trouble, and before long she is looking for ways to fit in at Runway. And these ways of fitting in? Well, losing weight from a “fat” size 6, and of course better clothes. And working all hours.

Some improvement.

But in the end, she learns that her old self is really better, and if she loves the world of journalism so much maybe she’d be better suited as a journalist.

So the whole thing is really a pointless journey round in a big circle of crap. That may be a little harsh, because while I watched it I was entertained by The Devil Wears Prada. But in the end it is very forgetable, and not worth a view.

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  1. mrskin says:

    Streep was awesome in the Devil Wears Prada. I actually saw it twice and I don't usually like chick flicks.