Temptation is calling

27 January 2005


Man, I hate those red spoiler warning on Whedonesque.com, especially when they relate to Serenity, like this one, which says it is only a minor spoiler, but how minor is minor? And if I give in this once, will I be able to stay stronger for longer? (that kinda rhymed).

I wanna read all about the show and how fabtastic it is. But no, I’ll resist, for a little while longer at least.

There was also mention of Point Pleasant as it had its first episode on E4 last night. I watched because of the Marti Noxon involvement, but all in all I wasn’t very impressed. And the main girl (Christina I think) looked far too much like Buffy. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I decide one way or antoher though. Not like there is a whole load showing at the mo’ anyways. Although Sundays look like being busy, what with ER and 24 showing in the same timeslot. Decisions, decisions.

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