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16 December 2004

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Part I here; You might as well read it first

I know, I know, I said in my first review of these books that I prolly wouldn’t be buying the rest, but who am I to resist a bargain, and of course there is my completest tendency :) So I’ve now read them all apart from no.4 Lunatic Cafe, I’m sure I’ll get around to it.

First, the good points, less of the Nikes. Yeah!

But apart from that this review is going to be fairly similar to the other; I am talking about the same ‘verse, with the same characters and everything. Only difference, way more sex, and a whole lot less story, plot and characterisation (I guess I’m on to the bad parts already).
My favourite of all of these books is Obsidian Butterfly, because Hamilton actually gets her ass in gear and tells the story. There are characters that we learn about, and who doesn’t love the character of Edward, what with his love of killing?

But that one book excepted it feels like Hamilton has decided to give plots a wide berth, and instead focus not just on emotion, but sex. And boy it feels like you cant turn a page without landing in the middle of another sex scene. In my opinion that is just plain boring. As Kelley Armstrong wrote somewhere; there is only so much “sex in the woods” that one person can write before it becomes crap (my words there, but you get the gist). And frankly I don’t need all those indepth descriptions everytime Anita does someone. Sure, I get that sex is important, and because of certain things that happen, becomes a power source, but still. I mean at times it is just plain ridiculous.

So ridiculous in fact that the mystery in the last two books need not exist. Its not even dealt with, just brought up in order to get Anita into position for sex in a different position, or situation or with someone new. Yawn.

Yet, despite this I do like the characters of Anita, Jean-Claude and the others. But we don’t get to see enough of them as anything but sex on legs. And as for Richard and his hang-ups, my god has that been going on for an age and a half.

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